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About Us

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GoingGray specializes in whimsical hooked rug designs.  We can also provide you with great works in wood--beginning with a frame on which to hook your masterpieces and ending with rug hangers that perfectly display them.
The Gray Girls

GoingGray was formed by two sisters, Martha (Gray) Reeder and Lisbeth (Gray) Quebe, in recognition of their maiden name and the natural state of their hair color.  Martha, a skilled rug hooker, conceives and carries out the patterns with a great eye for color and rhythm.  Liz, a reformed marketer now turning to art, does the drawing and creates our catalog and web page.  Jerry (brother-in-law or husband, depending on which sister) joined the enterprise with his wood craftsmanship and his penchant for hanging out with hookers.

We continue to provide you with rugs that are just a bit different.  More detail than primitives, but with all the sense of whimsy they provide.  Less detail than traditional, but still well-drawn and defined. 
We can provide our patterns just as drawn, or we can make changes (customization charges apply) that make a rug uniquely yours.   We can also design a custom rug that depicts a favorite scene, a memory, a milestone, or a little travelogue through life.  Just tell us your story and we'll help you capture it in wool.
For customized rug patterns, contact liz.goinggray@gmail.com.  We'll cook something up. 
Color Planning and Wool
If rug hooking resources are scarce in your area, Martha can help you with color planning guidance and wools for your GoingGray pattern.
To discuss this possibility, contact martha.goinggray@gmail.com or call her at
We're really proud that our rugs are being selected for both publication and exhibit.  For a listing of the places GoingGray has appeared, click HERE.