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Cutter Caddy

  GoingGray Cutter Caddy - Storage Position   GoingGray Cutter Caddy - Open Position
Storage Position                            Open Position

GoingGray now offers a cutter caddy of the same extraordinary quality as our lap frame.  It's made of cherry and features gorgeous dovetailing at its corners and on its top.  It's not just a tote--it's a beautiful and functional piece of furniture. 

GoingGray Cutter Caddy - Dovetail Detail  GoingGray Cutter Caddy - Hardware Detail  GoingGray Cutter Caddy in Use

It comes with one of four types of trays, but you can order a second if you have a lot of cutter cassettes (or want to have a lot). The caddy will accommodate two trays of any type or mix.

IMPORTANT!  Please tell us which tray you would like by clicking "Instructions to Seller" box during the Checkout process, and filling in the field.


GoingGray Cutter Caddy - Tool Tray

GoingGray Cutter Caddy - Cutter Tray

Tool Tray

Cutter Tray
Std Beeline Cassette

Cutter Tray
Long Beeline Cassette

Cutter Tray
Bolivar Cassette

Note as of 10/19/18:  We have ceased making the caddy and have five remaining in stock for purchase.  We do have plenty of trays if you need another or just want one or two for tabletop/cabinet storage. Once the caddies and the trays are gone, no more.

Cutter Caddy $350

Extra Tool Tray $35


Extra Cutter Tray $35
(Standard Beeline Cassette)


Extra Cutter Tray $45
(Long Beeline Cassette)


Extra Cutter Tray $45
(Bolivar Cassette)