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Rug Frame Floor Stand

GoingGray Floor Stand with Frame Attached

The newest addition to the GoingGray "Works in Wood" collection is a floor frame that complements our popular rug hooking frame.
The floor frame offers a high degree of adjustability both vertically and horizontally, so no matter how tall or short you are, you'll find a comfortable position GoingGray Floor Stand Adjustability
Floor Stand-Frame Connection If you are using the GoingGray frame, you can simply loosen the handle holding the frame to the floor stand, and the frame will rotate on the floor stand top.  You can work on the other side of your rug without having to pull it from your frame to reposition it.
The base of the stand can slide right under your chair, if the style of the chair permits.  The base is angled, ergonomically designed for your comfort. GoingGray Floor Frame Base
GoingGray Floor Stand Collapsed The floor stand collapses for easy storage or transport.

And it's beautiful.  The same wonderful cherry wood, the same velvety finish as our rug hooking frame and cutter caddy.

Although the floor stand is a perfect match for our GoingGray rug hooking frame, it can be used with any frame that has a flat bottom, either metal or wood. 

It does require that a 5/16" hole be drilled into the bottom of your frame.

If you have a question as to whether a particular frame is compatible with our floor stand, email us a photo of the frame bottom, and we will advise you.  Email jerry.goinggray@gmail.com

Note as of 10/20/18:  We have ceased making the floor stand and have one remaining in stock available for purchase. Once it is sold, the floor stand will no longer be available.

Fully Extended 36" high
Minimally Extended 20" high

Frame adds 6-8" to height
(depending on type of frame)

Collapsed 14" high

Weight - Just under 9 pounds

Rug Frame Floor Stand $265