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Rug Hooking Frame
GoingGray Rug Hooking Frame
GoingGray now offers a custom-made heirloom-quality adjustable angle lap frame that responds directly to the requests of our customers. 

GoingGray Rug Hooking Frame_Side ViewA center post on each side frees up the corners so you can move your hands without restraint, and reduces the need to reposition your rug.  The top of the frame tilts from either direction.


GoingGray Rug Hooking Frame - Rachet HandleThe rachet-style lever not only provides good leverage for tightening, but can be repositioned so it doesn't get in your way--plus it's easy on arthritic hands.

GoingGray Rug Hooking Frame_Corner Detail

Recessed gripper strips (which work equally well on monk's cloth or linen) minimize scratches to your wrists and arms.



GoingGray Rug Hooking Frame - Top ViewA ventilated bottom keeps your lap cooler.  Much cooler.

GoingGray Rug Hooking Frame - Collapsed

The frame can be disassembled quickly for easy transport and storage.  Less than a minute!

Did we mention it's BEAUTIFUL All Cherry.


Note as of 08/09/18:  We have ceased making the frame and have sold the last frame. They are no longer be available. Thanks to all that purchased them.

Outside dimensions 12-1/2" x 16"
Inside dimensions 9-1/4" x 12-3/4"
Height 7-3/8"
Weight - About 4 pounds

Rug Hooking Frame - Sold Out


Here's what our customers are saying:

From Gene Shepherd's Rug Hooking Blog 04-20-08 (Gene is the author of The Rug Hooker's Bible):  Lap Frame of Choice
"Although I prefer a floor frame, I do frequently us a lap frame.  If running to a hook-in, or on the road, it's just easier to navigate with a smaller frame.  After trying many different ones, I have settled on the one sold by GoingGray.  I like it for several reasons:
- Large cut holes in the base keep it cool on the lap
- The gripper strips are at the right angle and do not "attack" the user
- It easily fits into my carry-on luggage, particularly if I take it apart
- Breakdown & assembly are easy as only 2 tension bolts hold it together
- The tension bolts allow for the frame to tip either towards the artist or away, then stay in that location until moved
- It's very economical, compared to other frames
I do not sell this frame, nor received any payment for mentioning it.  I just think it's the best little lap frame out there and, when using a lap frame, it's the one I use most of the time.

"I LOVE the frame and the quality of it.  Someone has spent a lot of time and taken a lot of care in its construction.  Please send my appreciation for his great craftsmanship.  It is hard to find these days."

"I received the hooking frame in the mail today and I have already started to use it.  It's a beautiful frame, nicely done and nicely finished and super easy to use.  I looked over a lot of frames on the net and this is by far the best for me."

"I must tell you how great the frame is.  I love it, and if I may speak for my shoulder, it does too."

" I have a borrowed frame, My fingers and arms are scratched up like I have been bucking bales of hay without gloves.  I have yet to get scratched by your frame and just love the beauty of it."